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Parole Board Cases

Parole Board Cases

Worsoff Law Firm successfully handles parole hearings. The Firm understands this unique process. Our lawyers have an impressive record of reducing incarceration time and assisting to reintegrate individuals back into the community so they can move forward with their lives following a criminal conviction.

Parole Eligibility

People convicted of crimes are eligible for parole after they have served one third of their sentence. For example, if a person is sentenced to fifteen years, that person is eligible for parole at five years. However, this is only true in the case of normal sentences. Life sentences have different rules for parole eligibility.

Success in Parole Hearings

Parole hearings are significantly different than other hearings involved in the criminal justice system. These hearings take place before the parole board. Our lawyers have handled numerous parole hearings, so we have a strong appreciation for how the process operates. Our goal is to get a person out from behind bars on parole with the least restrictive terms possible. We take pride in being able to help people move on with their lives under the supervision of a parole officer. We work with people to ensure that parole is successful and so they do not have to go back to prison.

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